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Design, performance and precision define the new QEO ski line. Inspired by Switzerland’s sporty lifestyle, amidst lake, city, and mountains, QEO is a contemporary reinterpretation of ultra high performance on piste skis.
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Technical details

Precision & ultimate edge grip

QEO 70

Amplified precision and ultimate finesse for a tenfold pleasure on the in curve.

QEO Ski black


QEO 77

Designed for high performance on-piste, the amazing comfort of QEO 77 allows you to push your limits.

QEO Ski white


Best available Race Base For an optimal glide
High standard Swiss finish by Montana
Double titanal layers
Integral wood core ash / poplar/ Precise engineering down to a hundredth of millimeter for perfect longitudinal flex fit.

is the ultimate sophistication

Montagne neige zermatt
Ski montagne neige zermatt QEO
Sunset Lausanne Montagne cathédrale
Montagne ville lausanne sunset

We seek excellence and performance

At EXONDE GROUP, we come from World Cup alpine skiing , and above all, are passionate about on-piste skiing. It’s a back to the roots project for our team. Long term experience allows us to provide very high and specific standards of manufacturing whilst ensuring cutting edge technology.

QEO SKI: Quality, performance, precision, and durability. Simplicity of an ultra-modern design that is terribly effective.

nolan krattinger

Born in 2022

The QEO brand is the latest creation of the EXONDE group ( XO SKi, QEO SKI and LE ONE ). Design, performance and precision define the new QEO ski line. Inspired by Switzerland’s sporty lifestyle, amidst lake, city, and mountains. The quest for absolute comfort without compromise on precision was the initial idea behind QEO.

The idea was there for a few years. The whole project matured during the two special seasons impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. The QEO skis are a contemporary concentration of Swiss traditional values.

The result of several years of reflection and material re-work, precision machining and assembly were necessary to ensure a high level of performance in all snow conditions (hard, groomed, artificial).


A staff at your service

You’ll find QEO skis in the best specialty shops at your favorite resorts, where our staff understands your needs, tastes, and desires. The feedback we receive from our retail partners is invaluable.

Skis that fit your needs

QEO skis are difficult to define because they are so different. They are for the ambitious piste skier who is always looking for new sensations in performance and amplified precision. Feeling safe and in absolute control, QEO skis allow you to focus on your trajectories and the environment while pushing your limits.

Designed and engineered in Switzerland

Our skis are hand crafted in small batches, using state of the art technology with the most precise tolerances through manufacture and finishing. The consistency of our production, high quality of materials, and durability of the finished product form the foundations of the QEO ski project.

The QEO experience is on the Snow

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Switzerland and France
2023 – 2024
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